Disable Floppy Drives

We had a popular article a while back on disabling USB drives. We have had a request for doing the same with floppy drives.

There is a simple registry change that will keep the floppy drivers from starting when the system boots. If you want to change it yourself

As always – back your system up before messing around in the registry.

Just open regedit and browse to this key:


Notice the value ‘Start’

Switch this value to 4, and floppy drives are disabled.

Switch this value to 3, and floppy drives are enabled.

For those of you that don’t feel like messing around in the registry —

We wrote a program to do it for you:

You can download it from here

One final note – stay tuned. We will release another version of this tool soon (Free of course) That will let you remotely disable, or enable floppy drives on your network.